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Name:Fandom of One
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Community description:A place to pitch small fandoms, including a weekly newsletter for fandoms
Have you ever read a novel, or watched a movie, and desperately craved fanfiction . . . only to give up on ever finding any? Love fandom, but feel sad that only certain popular shows and texts really wind up with that kind of community following? Just want to share your love of some random piece of media with other potential fans?

This is the place for you.

Inspired by the lovely sharing of rare fandoms that happens during the [community profile] yuletide challenge, [community profile] fandom_of_one is a place where you can present your favorite unappreciated tv show or book to the community at large. Tell us why you love it, and inspire other people to join in!

You certainly don't have to write fanfiction, create fanart or vids, or any such thing to participate. Convince other people to make the fic/art you've always dreamed of by sharing the material. ;)

User-info written by [personal profile] reflectedeve, Winter 2007

You can find a post with Infrequently Asked Questions about this com here.

(this community is a mirror of the community with the same name on livejournal which can be found here)

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