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[Being Human (US)]
[personal profile] megan_moonlight posted 10 Josh icons

[Black Sails]
[personal profile] alobear posted Observation (PG, Silver)

[Eerie Indiana]
[personal profile] froodle posted Awakening (PG, Mary), Sculpture (G, Sara Sue, Harley and the Unkind Ones) and Shoreline (G, Marshall and Simon)

[Grease (1978)]
[personal profile] eve_n_furter posted What Are Best Friends For? (NC-17, Kenickie/Danny Zuko)

[Jeeves and Wooster]
[profile] godsdaisiechain posted Only you -or- Jeeves and the Unwitting Declaration (PG, ensemble) and Jeeves and the Midnight Aurelius (PG, Jeeves and Wooster)
[profile] okapi1895 posted Horrid is the Word You Want (G, Jeeves/Wooster)

[Johannes Cabal - Jonathan L. Howard]
[personal profile] froodle posted Slyboots (crossover with Eerie Indiana, G, Marshall, Ragtag)

[Preacher (TV)]
[personal profile] aweeghost posted 43 icons

[personal profile] iluvroadrunner6 posted WWNDD (PG-13, Amanita/Nomi)

[personal profile] vix_spes posted Heatwave (PG-13, Adam/Lucas)

news inside the com

news outside the com
[profile] terror_scifi is hosting Cosmic Collision Prompt Fest 2016 (see post for promptable fandoms)

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List of coms I'm watching for this newsletter is here - if you know of another general com I should be watching, please drop me a comment. Ditto if there's a fandom you want me to keep an eye out for that isn't on the Big List yet, or if you wrote and posted a fic for a rare fandom yourself, or know of one having been posted by someone else. Unless indicated otherwise, all usernames refer to users or coms on lj. When viewing this newsletter on dw, this may cause dud links. (Ditto on lj.)


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